Continuing the Meatless Journey


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Hello my lovely readers! We made it through another blessed week. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We are continuing with the meatless recipes to help you with your fasting during this Lent season. If you are participating in fasting I hope that things are going well for you while on this spiritual journey. We will continue to give you the nutritional tools to help you along the way. Fasting is a spiritual process that helps to clear the mind, helps the body to become lighter, and helps with a better focus on God.  Below are more delicious meatless meals for you to try.

Try this wonderful bean salad! Packed with protein and fiber!

Sauteed mushrooms and green beans are an easy nutritious meal to make!

Try this vegetable curry recipe over brown rice!

This spinach, apple, & walnut salad is treat to your taste buds!

This kale stir fry recipe has a spicy kick to it !

From Our Hearts to Yours!

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