Meatless Meals for Lent


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Hello my wonderful readers ! I hope you had a blessed and productive week. Last week we discussed the meaning of Lent and the many things you can fast from while cleansing yourself for Lent. I gave you all a delicious meatless recipe for vegetarian jambalaya. This week I would like to share more meatless meals for you filled with fruits and vegetables to give you nourishment while on your spiritual journey. These meals are not only healthy but they are very flavorful and delicious,seasoned with fresh herbs and spices.We like you to have a variety of foods to choose from.  Below are the list of the recipes.

Try this nutritious & unique Cranberry, Apple, & Spinach salad !

Here is a vegetarian twist on chili that you will love !

Try this soup recipe!

Here is a meatless way to cook your greens and sill enjoy them!

Try this tasty vegetable stir fry over brown or basmati rice!

We hope you enjoy these meatless meals! 

From Our Hearts to Yours



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