Living Your Black As Beautiful



Hello my wonderful readers. Welcome back.February is here. The month to celebrate black excellence and creations. Our black is beautiful. Lets discuss some products and  foods that originated in the motherland, Africa. These items provide great health benefits for the body. 

Black Soap

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Black soap is popular. It is referred to as Alata Samina or Ose DuDu locally and originated in West Africa. The natural ingredients are dried in the sun and roasted and essential oils,shea butter and water is added. Then the soap sits out harden.

Black Soap Benefits and Uses

Image result for african black soap

Acts as a light exfoliant 

Lightens dark spots

Helps with eczema 

Clears up rashes

Cleanses hair

Treats scalp irritations

Great for sensitive skin

Clears up blemishes


Image result for Yams

Yams are popular vegetables in black culture and originated in Africa. They still remain an important staple food there,and are mainly grown in Nigeria.Yams can last for months without refrigeration. Their appearance differs from sweet potatoes due to their length and orange- brown outside color and rough texture.

Benefits of Yams

Image result for candied yams

They provide Vitamin C

Provides the body with fiber


Vitamin A

Folic acid

Good for digestion

Lowers bad cholesterol

Helps with eye health


Image result for okra

Okra originated in Ethiopia. It was widespread throughout North Africa. In the 1700’s it was brought to the Caribbean.  The Créoles learned from slaves to use okra to thicken soups (gumbo)and it is now an essential in Créole Gumbo in Louisiana. It is very abundant in Cajun cooking today and in other Southern regions of the US.

Benefits of Okra

Related image

Low in calories

Contain Vitamin C

High in fiber

stabilizes blood sugar

Contains anti-oxidants


Image result for watermelon

Watermelon originates in Southern Africa and made its way to Egypt.

Benefits of Watermelon

Image result for watermelon

91% water


Helps to lower blood sugar levels

Lowers blood pressure

Helps with constipation

Boost immune system

Helps with the kidneys

We will continue to share information on foods and health products that relate to Black History Month.


From Our Hearts to Yours

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