Refreshing Fruit Salad Recipe


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Hello Everyone! I am back! Did you miss me?  Today I am going to be giving you all a refreshing fruit salad recipe to try. This is a nice light meal or snack that won’t weigh you down and will cool you off during this summer heat. A fruit salad is also a tasty way to give your body the vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes that it needs.

You will need:

A large bowl

1 Fresh pineapple chopped

1 or  2 packages of strawberries

1  or  2 packages of blackberries

3  Kiwi chopped

1 or 2 packages of blueberries

1 seedless watermelon chopped 

Cut up  pineapple, kiwi, and watermelon and pace aside. Pour berries in the bowl. Add in chopped fruit. Mix together. Drizzle with agave. Mix together ingredients. Place in the refrigerator to chill.

Serve and enjoy

                                Image result for watermelon and kiwi

From our heart to Yours!




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