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Weekend Healthy Eating Tips.


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Hello everyone! Make sure you eat healthy this weekend. If you go out to eat with friends opt for a salad instead of bread or fries. Be sure to drink lemon water it aids with digestion instead of sugar loaded drinks. Eat plenty  fruits and vegetables. Pay attention to your portions! Try these easy healthy tips and enjoy your weekend!

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From our Heart to Yours


Brain Boosting Foods


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Sometimes we all have  trouble with our memory. What we nourish our bodies with has a  huge impact on the mind. It is vital that we have proper nutrition. Below is a list of healthy foods that aid in boosting the brain.


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Broccoli :

Aids in proper brain functioning.

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Blueberries :

Improve learning and motor skills.

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Increase blood flow to the brain.

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Helps to protect against brain disease.

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Targets brain function.

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It is high in Omega 3, which helps to strengthen the brain.

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Aids in lowering the risk of brain cancer.

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They are a power food for the mind ,body,and emotions.

From our Heart to Yours