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Holiday Tips


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Seasons greetings everyone! Christmas is almost here,and it’s a time to gather around and indulge in all the wonderful fixings,participate in fun festivities,  enjoy time with your family and loved ones, and also brighten spirits of those who are less fortunate.  Make it a point to remain healthy during this holiday season despite all the tempting foods. Here are some easy nutrition tips for you to follow ! Have a blessed Holiday!

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A few tips healthy eating tips for the holidays:

Be sure to drink lemon water this helps with your digestion of food!

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Add a green salad and green vegetables to your meal!

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Be mindful of your portions!

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Happy Holidays! From our heart to yours.

Natural Remedies for Cold and Flu


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Cold and flu season is upon us! So bundle up and wash those hands with hot soap and water and be observant of your environment and what you touch and come in contact with. The good news is God has provided us with many natural remedies to heal us and strengthen our immune system that are from His beautiful earth. Below I have created a list of several examples.


Helps with lowering cold and flu symptoms.


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Helps to heal a sore throat and acts as a cough suppressant.


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Provides relief of of sinuses and helps to relive cold symptoms.

Vitamin C

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Strengthens the immune system. Aids in healing a cold.


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Helps with respiratory infections and heals sore throats. Very beneficial for the sinuses.

Hopefully you find these tips helpful! 

Benefits of Gardening


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Did you know there were health benefits from gardening ?  Below I have listed a few.

  • Gardening helps to relieve stress and provide mental clarity.
  • It can help to reduce the risk of obesity.
  • Considered a moderate intensity level activity.
  • It helps to brighten your mood.
  • Gardening can be gratifying and provides an excellent source of fresh produce.
  • Gardening gets you out in the fresh air and sunshine  and it also gets your blood moving.
  • The food you grow yourself is the freshest food.
  • Home gardens filled with fruits and vegetables, is the healthiest food you can eat.

There are several leafy vegetables you can plant and harvest.


Purple Cabbage








Swiss Chard

You can prepare fresh and healthy salads using these !