Fruit Infused Water


We all know how important it is important to keep your body hydrated, however this is especially important in the spring and  summer. When the weather is hot and you are spending much of the day outside and  being active,  Every single cell  and organ in the your body needs water to function properly. A lack of water can affect the body immensely. Water helps the body in several ways.  One of the main things it does is help with proper digestion. It also aids in getting rid of waste through urination, perspiration, and bowel movements. It keeps the body temperature normal. Water also helps to lubricate and cushion your joints. A lot of people don’t drink water because they say it has no taste and they need flavor, therefore they drink juices and sodas. That is just a myth because there are may ways to add flavor to water. Try fruit infused water. I love adding lemon to my water. There are several fruit assortments that will give your water a boost.


Here are a few combinations to try:

You can try basically any fruit combination. Make it your own! Fruit infused water is a refreshing, nutritional way to stay hydrated!


                                                                            From Our Heart to Yours!


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