Health Benefits Of Vitamin C


citrus fruit

Vitamin C provides several health benefits. Below I have listed a few as well as some of the sources of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C:

Helps to Keep gums healthy.

It helps to create collagen needed for the health of skin,hair,and joints.

Protects cells from damage.

Aids in keeping your eyes healthy.

It helps to prevent cancer and stroke.

Excellent for curing the cold and flu.

Strengthens the immune system.

It helps to repair tissues.

Heals wounds.

Food Sources:







                                                                     Try this Smoothie recipe :


1 cup coconut water, chilled
1 cup organic strawberries (fresh or frozen)
1 cup organic small carrots
1 cup fresh or frozen mango cubes
1 orange, peeled


Preparation time is only 5 minutes, servings for two
Put all the ingredients in a blender until get smooth
Add some ice to make it cold if you add the fresh strawberries


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