Plants That Heal


There are several plants that are excellent in providing healing. Below I have listed a few and their uses.


Aloe Vera:

  • It helps to stop inflammation.
  • Moisturizes sun damaged skin.
  • It helps to heal burns, wounds, blemish marks, scars,and psoriasis.
  • Aloe soothes arthritis pain.
  • The plant contains anti-fungal properties.
  • Aloe also helps to detoxify the body.
  • It contains amino and fatty acids.


  • Their leaves are are great source of vitamin A,K,and C.
  • They help to detox the liver.
  • Dandelions contain immune boosting and anti-cancer properties.
  • Their roots are high in boron and potassium.
  • Purify blood and supports kidney functions.

Milk Thistle:

  • Promotes healthy liver health.
  • It helps with improving blood sugar levels.
  • Lowers cholesterol levels.
  • Reduces the growth of cancer cells.
  • Great for removing yeast from the body.

Image result for echinacea


  • Helps to fight infection and illness.
  •  It is excellent for colds and flu.
  •  Boosts the immune system.
  •  Acts as a natural antibiotic.

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