Tips to Manage Stress


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Mixed race man with a headache

 Stress! Whether it’s from work , having a huge paper due or midterms, running the kids to their extracurricular activities, relationships ,or family issues, everyone deals with it. If we aren’t careful stress can take a serious toll on us. It is very important to learn to manage stress. There are several things you can do to help take control of stress.

  • Make it a point to manage your time wisely. Don’t wait until the last-minute to complete a large task. Time management is extremely important.
  • Be sure you are eating healthy balanced meals. Nutrition is a huge factor.
  • Try not to stress over and worry about things that you cannot control.
  • Realize that it’s okay to say NO!
  •  Take time for peace and quiet. Prayer and meditation  help the mind and body to relax and focus.
  • Try your best to focus on the positives.
  • Let go of any toxic situations and people.
  • Maintain positive friendships and a healthy social life.
  • Set aside time for yourself.
  • Make sure you are getting the correct amount of sleep.
  • Try breathing exercises.
  • Exercise is very important to help with stress. If you can’t get to a gym ,try going for a run or a walk. Yoga is also a great stress reliever.







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