Health tips for the Fall


Colorful autumn

Fall is my favorite season. The leaves turn beautiful colors, family and friends gather for the holidays, football season begins, and lets not forget the Fall festivals and fairs. However, with all these exciting things going on it’s very important to stay healthy due to environmental changes. Below I have listed some tips to stay healthy this Fall

  • Be sure to begin your day off with a nice healthy breakfast. It helps to start your metabolism and gives you energy during the day. I like start my day off with oatmeal with apples and blueberries. 

  • Dress  appropriately for the weather –  Make sure you wear a jacket and a scarf  or whatever you need to keep warm. Not wearing the appropriate attire for the weather is a great way to catch a cold.

fall skin

  • Wash your hands-  It’s very important that you wash your hands. Fall is a time when a lot of germs are spread. Also be sure to carry hand sanitizer with you.

  • Exercise- It is easy to become sedentary in the Fall do to the drop in temperature and all the dinners y0u will be invited to. But make sure you are doing some type of exercise to stay healthy and fit! If you don’t have a gym membership,that’s okay bundle up and go for a good run or walk or do some indoor exercises. 

black woman running    fall workout


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